About Ironfarmers

Upon returning from the USA in 1991, where Ian and Judi lived/travelled for a couple of years, Ironfarmers Parts & Equipment was established in Central Queensland. The CQ area was chosen due to the overwhelming calls from the area.

Ian Mundell – Managing Director of Ironfarmers Parts & Equipment, is a Queenslander by birth growing up on the land where his many equipment stories go back to the rebuilding of the broken down wreck in the paddock at the ripe old age of 7 – he made it run. Then when he had his own block of country he selectively cleared and improved it with a Caterpillar D7.

Ian, had and still has an affinity with anything mechanical and a love of the land and for 40+years has travelled the world sourcing the best possible equipment for farmers and graziers to improve and enhance their land which in turn will increase the productivity of the land and produce the best possible product possible, be it animal or cropping.

Ian specialises in personalising the sourcing of specific quality used Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere or what is appropriate equipment for the rural producer. And in 2010 Ian established the Ironfarm Contracting Division.

The contracting plant consists of 2 Caterpillar 824C and 1 Caterpillar 824G Series II Wheel Dozers equipped with a 26ft stick rake, a Seabrook Grass Seeder and rear mounted rippers. And 1 x Caterpillar D7G Direct Drive Bulldozer and 1 x Caterpillar D7H Power Shift Bulldozer. We are receiving repeat contracts, as customers realise that the efficiency of the wheel dozer returns an acre cost that is around twenty years ago bulldozer raking cost.

Primary producers are finding that with the limited availability of rural workers, efficiency of the property become paramount. With regrowth in previously scrub country and fallen timber on the ground, mustering stock becomes difficult, livestock move slowly in these conditions, horses are sometimes injured (and the rider) motor bikes are difficult to use, and even the cost of using helicopters in these conditions are offset by the cost of clearing the land as the mustering is completed in much less time.

By far, the greatest advantage is the improved pasture that is established makes the property much more viable by increasing the carrying capacity. With rural land being much more valuable and more difficult to obtain, the option of improving existing properties has become recognised. We, at Ironfarmers believe that the rural industry in Australia (food and fibre production) has a healthy future. Our producers are very innovative, as I have discovered during my extensive overseas trips sourcing equipment and parts seeing how our counterparts operate.

During the past twenty years, we have seen some dramatic changes in our industry and the industry we support. With the boom in the mining industry, we have been confronted with the lack of skilled labour to support our industry and have had to adjust our business to be able to remain as a support industry.

Ironfarmers is a small business offering personalised service to the man on the land. We will locate the correct machine to suit particular requirements. We offer advice with Land Improvement and are set up to move easily and frequently and are prepared to travel extensively with our contracting plant.